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At Veterinary Associates of Murfreesboro, skin issues and allergic reactions are one of the more common conditions that we see on a regular basis. Dogs and cats suffer from allergies and can be just as miserable as their owners. Instead of typical human reactions, however, companion pets are more likely to display allergic reactions through itching, scratching, biting, licking, hair loss, scabs, or dandruff.

Classic triggers of allergy symptoms include food, flea saliva, dust, mites, plant and grass pollens, molds and fungi. Once your pet’s allergies are activated, inflammation and irritation of the skin, and possibly the development of a secondary skin infection makes the irritation even worse. To understand what is causing an allergic reaction in your pet, our doctors will perform allergy tests similar to those used for humans to determine the cause of the allergies. They will then consult with you to develop a treatment protocol for your pet.

Veterinary medicine has taken great strides in alleviating the discomfort of skin ailments through medicated shampoos, topical solutions, and prescription medications. There are also new oral allergy medications for dogs that are extremely safe and effective for both short and long-term use.

Whatever skin ailment your pet may be afflicted with, don’t just ignore the symptoms and think that the problem will go away on its own. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and chronic skin disease can truly affect your pet’s quality of life more than anything else he may suffer.

Our veterinarians offer treatment to pets suffering from allergic conditions in the Christiana, Bell Buckle, and Wartrace communities of Tennessee. If you feel your pet may be itching as a result of an allergic condition, schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.